Sunday, May 18, 2014

My Town Of Friendly Neighbors

I've always loved St. Johns, and the people who live here.
They help each other out and fill my soul with cheer.
 Thirty-eight years of life lived here, each year has gotten better,
 So I'm thankful for the chance I have to submit this little letter.

As not to offend the living, I'll focus on some who've gone,
They've touched my life in special ways, such as Verl and Dawn.
I galloped to a football game with Verl (in a dream) on a horse.
And garage sales and jokes without Dawn, just aren't the same of course.

There was Newt and Louise, Ken and Ila, Nanny (Anona) and AnnaVee Brown.
Memories of them can cheer me up and erase away any frown.
Herman and Myrna, Norma and Johnny, and Al of drug store fame,
Wallace Heap and tomato gravy, I loved it yum, yum, yum!.

There was no excuse for being late to school, detention, there they sat.
But one was excused, when he wailed, “I was stuck behind Earl Platt!”
Seen driving around, Virgene and Vinny, out for their daily coke,
Is it any wonder I dearly love this “Town of Friendly Folk!”

Earl Greer, my first garbage man, Loree and Earl Jarvis,
Verdell, Nathel, Clara and Jacque, Lorna and sweet Korlis,
Edward and LaRue, Kelly and Karen, and Ellen Overson,
Bob Cole, the prankster, scared me to death, ornery and so much fun.

Francis and Gloria, Helen Broadbent, Richard Waite and Claudia Goodman,
Lincoln, Thad, Ralph, and Charlie, Rob Roy, and Nick Patterson.
Some were sick, some old and young, some not, and some were ready,
Sure miss Sandy, Jeanne, Sybil, Janis, and Nanette and Eddie.

Leonard and Raymond, the Isaacson boys and Raymonds wife Lorraine,
Arlo, Delbert and Nedra and Otto, and LaVelle Despain.
Gary Welker, Gary Heap, Jessie Chlarson, Gwen and Keith Udall,
Corrine and Frank, and Anna Prentice, oh how I miss them all.

St. Johns is a pretty little town, I hear a spring bird sing,
I love all the people here and the joy they bring.
I'm sorry for the ones I missed, and if your name's not read,
Take comfort in the fact it's just, because, you're not yet dead!

 Ruthie Price


  1. Love this. Thanks for the memories these names of great folks brings

  2. Ruthie, you came up with so many that made St. Johns a wonderful community. You're going to have to write another because there's a long list to put to rhyme.