Sunday, May 25, 2014

Summertime in Saint Johns

This past week has been full of excitement and fun activities.  The last day of school and graduation made me realize that yet another year has gone by and that it is time for SUMMER!!!!!  Summer is one of my favorite times of year for many reasons, but most importantly because I get to be home and spend more time with my family.  I know that many of you share my love for summer so for this blog I decided to do something a little different. I talked with many people and asked them each the following  question; “What is your favorite thing about summer in Saint Johns?” Here are some of the replies that I received:
  • I like swimming –Jacey Shurtz
  • I like Bonfires with my friends- Alyssa Johnson
  • Going Swimming- Kendall Chlarson
  • What comes to mind is the big old poplar trees and the cottonwood tress when they bloom-Claryce Crosby
  • Driving around town smelling the green chilies roasting at the end of summer- Jim Zieler
  • You are talking to the past owners of the greatest snow cone shop in Arizona, so of course making a snow cone run is on the top of our list. Since I was a little girl we loved to lay out on the lawn or the trampoline and look at the stars and talk, wiener roasts in the backyard, riding horses, the July 4th celebration complete with getting woken up early when the cannon went off, all the 24th activities, camping at the Heap reunion, fresh garden veggies, watermelons, cool summer mornings, monsoon rains, sleepovers on the trampoline and no school! -Diane LeFevre
  • I loved walking to get snow cones or to the pool when we were younger then as we got older going swimming at Patterson’s was always fun but it is even better to watch our boys do some of the same small town things we did. They both can’t wait for the first snow cone or the first day at the pool, there’s always sleeping on the trampoline!-Megan Bryan
  • Going to the pool with my kids- Megan Chlarson
  • The flowers and the trees- Eve Patterson
  • The monsoons, when it rains and smells like rain- Chris Patterson
  • I love when summer comes so I can get my garden going. When the weeds start growing I like to go out early when its cool and quiet and work-Larry Chlarson
  • The swimming pool-Andrew Pearce
  • All the stuff going on and more people in town, fourth of July, 24th of July celebrations-Jason Doubt
  • I like summer traditions now that I have kids, pool time, park time, snow cones, slip and slide, playing at the neighbors house, and of course the lake is #1-Ashley Doubt
  • Swimming-Ava Nielsen
  • The pool is open and I can do my aerobics and swimming, school is out and I can do the things that I want to do like sewing and visiting my family-Gayla Wahl
  • The library hosts cool events-Ren Crosby
  • The green fields-Hal Wiltbank
  • The cool evenings-April Duggins
  • No school-Brady Overson
  • St. Johns has a good swimming pool-Tucker Nielsen
  • Picnics, eating snow cones, and playing outside with my music and sword-Michelle LeFevre
  • Snowcones!!!!!!!- Pacer and Clance Wiltbank
  • We love the irrigation and family time, watermelon at the park, and of course the 24th celebration and swimming-Daryl  Lee
  • Ice cream and barbeques-Lupe Mireles
  • The wind stops usually, it is pretty in the summertime with all the green fields-Keith Wahl
  • Swimming pool!- Joey Wood
  • The smells of summer, the rains, the cool weather, the irrigation of the fields and the barbeques, being able to be outside with family and friends-Tyrell Bond
  • Water Skiing!- Joe Frazier
  • People are outside more and are more friendly so you get more of a chance to talk to your neighbors-Stacy Frazier
  • Not the mosquitos I’ll tell you that……I like the pool-Scott Skousen
  • All the family activities-Kim Farr
  • The rain-Ryan Farr
  • The best snow cones!-Travis Duggins
  • Vacation time!-Jace Chlarson
  • Seeing Mom,Daddy, Allie, Kate, and Haze-Chase Platt
  • How everyone is active, when you are out early driving around people are out running, and all the celebrations-Trent Hancock
  • The summer monsoons-Miles Crosby
  • Snow cone shop, my mom’s flowers, hearing the sounds of the pool, kids playing in the irrigation, hearing the crickets at night, 24th celebration, 4th of July races/celebration, warm enough to stay out and see the stars, fresh vegetables from the garden-Jenna Crosby 
  • Riding my bike to the pool-Kirsten Baldon
  • I enjoy all the trees and fields that are green, and when friends and family come back to visit. While working at the snow cone shack lots of people return with their kids to get a snow cone-Klint Heap

I look forward to another wonderful Summer here in this wonderful town I am fortunate enough to call home.  Lets enjoy this wonderful time of year and make this one of the best Summers ever!
Candice Bond

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