Sunday, October 19, 2014

Putting your faith and trust in Heavenly Father By Kimberly Farr

Ryan and I thought our family was done.  We gave away/ sold all our baby items.  Last April, Emma turned 2. She would say "I'm big girl!" I closed my chapter of having more kids and felt good about that.  Last May, Ryan came to me out of the blue and said "You are probably going to laugh but I have had a lot of thought about having another one." My first reaction was " That's not funny.  I'm too old to do this again. We said we were done." But in that moment I knew we had another one waiting.  We prayed to Heavenly Father about this path and felt it was right. 

Last August, we found out we are pregnant.  I will never forget the smile on Ryan's face.  This first trimester has been really hard.  I have been very sick.  I had days I could barely get out of bed.  Ryan was a true blessing and took care of me, our kids, the house, his job, and everything else.  He never complained.  I asked Ryan for many blessings during this difficult time.  Every time Ryan gave me a blessing, I felt peace and I felt Heavenly Father right next to me.  I knew this is the path we needed to be on even though at the time it was very hard for me.  I knew we could do this together.

I will never forget my first ultrasound.  The first thing I saw was 2 circles.  I looked at the ultrasound guy, looked back at the 2 circles, looked back at the guy... He then said with a huge smile "Well my dear, you are having twins!" I couldn't believe it! Then he zoomed in closer.  I was truly touched as I saw 2 tiny hearts beating inside me! I have to say I never freaked out! I never said Really Heavenly Father you think I can do this.  All I have felt is PEACE! From day one of going down this path I put my whole heart, my faith, my trust in Heavenly Father! This is the path our family needs to be on! 

I am now 14 weeks along and am getting back on my feet.  We truly are excited for these 2 extra blessings Heavenly Father is sending to our family.  I have my faith and my trust that we can do this as a family.  It might be hard at times, I won't get any sleep, it will be a juggling act... But I have my Heavenly Father right next to me and all I have to do is get on my knees and pray and his arms will be around me.  I know we can do this together as a family! I am truly blessed for all that Heavenly Father has blessed me with.  I can't wait to hold and snuggle and kiss these extra blessings!


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