Sunday, October 26, 2014

God Loves his Children Story written by Kirsten Udall as told by Jimmie Rogers

     “I had been inactive for a long time.  But somewhere inside me I knew I needed to go back to the gospel.  So I did just that .  My girlfriend Lesa, belonged to another church, and I knew she would be a great member of my church.” Jimmie Rogers is a member of the Concho Branch, and he described how he literally one day, “saddled up two horses and went to Lesa’s church and picked her up to bring her to his.”  Jimmie describes Lesa as a “bible thumper” who knows the scriptures inside and out.  He said when she listened to the missionary lessons, she could see how what she knew from study of the bible, blended perfectly, with what the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints believed as well.  The two were married in June, and attend the branch faithfully.
     Several weeks back, they had an experience that reinforced their faith in our Heavenly Father, and just how much he loves and watches out for his children.  The two were collecting chickens, and roosters, by the post office, and had headed toward St. Johns to get gas.   In Jimmie’s words, “ we were drivin into St. Johns, and flipped our truck.  When we started to flip, I thought of how tiny Lesa is and knew that even though she was belted in, she might possibly slip out of her seatbelt, or worse.”  Without a second thought he unbuckled his seatbelt and reached across and wrapped his arms around her so that she would be safe.  Somewhere in these brief seconds, he was hit with the possible consequence of the choice he had made.  He said I remember thinking to myself, “I’m dead… when I heard a voice speak to my mind that said, “NO you’re not.”  Next he remembers feeling the presence of an angel that he reports, “came in through the window and held me tight against my seat, until the truck stopped rolling.  Rescuers on the scene marveled that this couple walked away without injury.  The truck was totaled!  Lesa knows that it was an angel that protected them  She says, “I saw a flash of light, and could see him in the cab with us.” Both of them know that God sent this angel to keep them safe.  They know He loves his children and watches out for them.  They want others to know this too.

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