Sunday, November 2, 2014

5 Life Lessons I Learned on my Mission---by Austin Davis

Life Lesson #1: We need to forgive.
         You make everyday choices either to forgive or not to forgive,
and it will have an impact on whether you are friends with someone or not. The Lord forgives those who forgive. Sometimes it's so dang hard to be humble and repent and forgive, but once it's over, you feel better, that person feels better, and you know you did the right thing. Sometimes you don't even mean to hurt someone’s feelings, but the other person is totally offended. That's when you have to rely on The Lord and just act as He would and repent with a full heart. I know it's hard, but if you need to apologize to someone, do it. You will never regret it.

Life Lesson #2: God is kind.
God truly knows us. We may think, "Oh how can he know me? There are so many people?" Sometimes Heavenly Father answers my questions before the question even comes to mind. I know God is kind. He has forgiven me and will continue to forgive me. Sometimes we screw up, but this life is about progression, not perfection. Keep your head up. God didn't provide a Savior for us for no reason. Use that Atonement that Jesus Christ performed for us.

Life Lesson #3: Look at the situation slowly.        
I met a man who only could talk about pornography & sex. He was so engulfed in it. It was disgusting. It was hard to see someone have all of that and not want to rid themselves from it. I learned from this that you must look at the situation slowly, kind of like baseball; you have to look at the pitch slowly! This experience he did not want to give up. Satan had a hold of his mind and his will. As we look at situations that might seem harmless, they could lead us down trails we should not travel. This man did not truly understand why we are here on earth! It is to come closer to our eternal maker.

Life Leson #4: The Value of True Friends
True friends, real friends, just put things into perspective. I'm thankful for true friends because they are not afraid to put you straight and give you the answer that sometimes you don't want to hear. You will always heed your true friends’ counsel. I received a Priesthood blessing this week, and how thankful I am for my friends holding the Priesthood just as the apostles of old.

Life Lesson #5: Turn to God for help through trials.
Heavenly Father needs for us to go through hard times to see how much we really love Him and to see how strong we are. He wants to see where we will turn when we fall. Will we turn to the dark and ignore God, or at our weakest state will we be humble enough to ask God for help? We need to ask Him prayerfully to have safety for our souls.

For these lessons I have learned, I am grateful, for a great change has been written on my heart. I know that Christ lives. I know that pain that He felt when the nails went through His hands and feet were for me. I am eternally grateful for his service and the Atonement He performed for me.


  1. Missions are awesome! Thank you for sharing the perspectives you gained while serving God! You are a great example to me!

  2. Love your insights AD. You are an example to me as well. BC