Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Small Town, Big Hearts by Michelle Maestas

Growing up in a small town is something the city kids will just never understand. I’ve lived in small towns before and this is one of the smallest towns I have lived in and I wouldn’t change it for the world. Some of my experiences in St. Johns are only something others from St. Johns would understand.  
You see here in this town you usually know the name of every person you graduate with, although I did not graduate from St. Johns I know everyone in my daughters graduating class. It’s a great way to get to know who’s in town and who the parents are just by saying a name AMAZING!! I remember calling a wrong number one time and the person on the other line politely gave me the right number and told me that they were not home just yet.
Living in a small town allows you to leave your home and not even locking the door at night, crazy in this day and age.  But the neighbors are going to let you know if you had visitor or even call you on the cell phone to let you know. You can even charge things at Bride’s or Wilbur’s without a credit card and the clerk knew who to charge it to without asking for your name……….again small town.
People can always find you in a small town. Flower deliveries made it to you no matter where you were at the time because the delivery person knew where to look and who to ask. Talking to one person you realize that person is related to nearly everyone in town……again small town. My adorable niece was very attached to her “binky” and no one could seem to find one so that she could go to sleep. So, my sister-in-law called the owner of the Wilbur’s store at 10:30pm, he came and opened the store and they got the “binky” so my niece could sleep…………..small town.
An exciting day is the days you drive 45 minutes to the nearest Wal-Mart with the family. Stopping to eat at all the nice restaurants and getting everything you need so you do not have to make another trip until next month………small town.
The only traffic jam in town was experienced during 4:30 in the afternoon when the plant was changing shifts and everyone was going home.  Or during a football game against Round Valley and trying to get home (which was down the street from the school). One great thing about this small town is no stop light, really who needs one.  Traffic jams happen when we have a parade downtown celebrating homecoming week with the rest of the town folk…..small town

Giving directions in St. Johns is based on who you know and where they live. If you are going to so and so house you give directions by saying “Do you know where the Smith’s live?” We don’t use google maps we just need to know where you are going so we can give you directions………small town

One thing that can be said about this great small town is that the people in it have HUGE hearts. If you know of a family in need people in this small town are right there to help out in any way they can. If you have ever missed a Sunday in church people want to know that you are okay. We help each other out and lend a hand because you know that they would do the same for you. Thank you St. Johns for being my small town….there is a lot to be said for living in a small town, while this list is an overview of my personal experiences and observations in my small town, I’m sure you can relate to many of them.

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