Sunday, December 7, 2014

The Star Within --- by Jacque Baca via Suzanne Hancock

This is a poem my mom wrote for us, her children, one Christmas. While I was going through my Christmas folder, I came across it. Reading it again, I felt the Spirit: the Spirit of this season, the Spirit of our Savior, the Spirit and faith of these Wise Men, the Spirit that my mom carried with her. She gave us great gifts of her written word to treasure always, year after year and Christmas after Christmas, like this poem. It is my honor and privilege to share it with all of you.

The Star Within

Wise Men of old bravely traveled,
The empty, lonely way,
To find a promised Messiah,
The Holy Scriptures say.

They had no precise directions,
No compass, map or guide,
They only had a single star,
And what they had inside.

For many there were that saw it,
That star so new and bright,
So what made just those few magi,
Notice it one dark night?

What made them gather provisions
To make that journey long?
Did they see the blessed birthplace?
Did they hear the angels' song?

Or was the star that led them there,
Mirrored within their hearts,
To recognize the message true,
And go to do their parts?

The star shines on for us today,
Somewhere there in our view,
Will we take time to look for it,
Remembering anew?

Will that tiny flicker in us,
Burst into light so bright?
When we see our star before us,
Will we know that it's right?

Will we courageously follow,
The path of faith we feel?
Will we find our precious Savior,
And at his cradle kneel?

That star is there for us to find,
Our path to Him begin,
We'll never find that star without,
Without the star within.


  1. Thanks for sharing Suzanne. You're mom is wise and was always such a great source of inspiration to everyone she met.

  2. I loved your mother. She lived the very message of her poem and was an example to me of patience and kindness no matter what life dished out.