Sunday, September 20, 2015

Spoiled with Love by D'Coda Overson

Where do I start? I was born and raised here in this wonderful small town. As a teen it was never a place I felt that I needed to escape, though I did want to accomplish a few things and visit a few places before I settled down. So when my my plans didn't go as planned, I kind of  panicked. I remember like it was yesterday. My wonderful mother-in-law walking Brennen and I through the Hinkson house, as she excitedly said to us, "We could break a hole in the wall, and then the kids can just walk over." I, sad to say, was not very gracious when I replied, "We are moving to Round Valley." In my defense, I was pulled out of my house still in my robe to take this tour, but that was not what had me so crabby. The idea of living so close to both mine and Brennen's parents was terrifying! Here were my thoughts...

• What if my house isn't clean?
• What if I don't get all the wrinkles out of his clothes and they notice?
• What happens when they see dishes in my sink?
• Do I have to see them every day?
• How will I split my time?
• I CAN take care of my family on my own.
And so on and so forth...

Before you think to yourself, What a spoiled BRAT (which I definitely can be) here are my current feelings on this situation:

• My house will NEVER be clean again.
• Wrinkles are the least of my worries. I'm pretty proud of myself when we all get out of the door smelling good.
• Dana is a living, breathing dish washer. I used to be embarrassed when she came to my house and my sink was overflowing. Now, I give her an extra hug for doing them before she leaves, which she always does. I also help! Most of the time...
• Do I get to see them today?
• The more the merrier. All of them are my favorite.
• I CAN take care of my family on my own. But why oh why would anyone refuse the wonderful care and advice of parents like ours?

I have come to this conclusion. I was a silly teen who did not appreciate the helping hands being extended to me. I am so grateful for the patience of my family who stuck with me through the times when I was ungrateful. It truly is a wonderful thing to be surrounded by people who love you, which I am every day. I now say, "I won't go. You can't make me." Spoiled rotten. There is no denying it. I just feel like I couldn't ask for anything more than this small town.


  1. Awesome. Love, love, love this!

  2. D'Coda, what a great blog post. I think back on a lot of experiences and cringe and unfortunately still do all the time but I'm grateful for life wising me up. I liked your thoughts and feelings makes me want to relax and enjoy life more.